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Tai Chi Ch'uan

A meditative, flowing Chinese martial art which was developed centuries ago as the fighting Art of Generals and Royalty. Later it was expanded to promote robust health and use by the sick and weak. The progression of study begins with the 24 and 40 posture forms, short sword, and basic push hands (2 person sensitivity/reaction drills). The 42 competition form is taught to those who are interested in participating in competitions. Long sword, five star hammar, the 88 posture form,
staff, spear, cane forms, Qigong, and advanced push hand round out the program. Unlike most schools of T'ai Chi Ch'uan, which emphasize only forms, we work on the self defense aspect as an integral part of training in the Art. This helps the student understand the purpose of the movements. Many say that T'ai Chi Ch'uan translated "Grand Ultimate Fist" has been preserved and revered as such for thousands of years.

Both private classes and group classes are offered. Students wishing to study privately may do so with Sifu Chen. Students wishing to study in a group should sign up for the T'ai Chi Chu'an course offered Thursdays and Sundays with Sifu Doug Pierre.