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Modern Arnis Remy P. Presas International Organization


Training knives:

Online Discussion Forums:
Online Discussion Forums

Eskrima Digest:

Online Knife Stores:
Online Knife Stores
Online Knife Stores

Custom Knife Sheaths:
Custom Knife Sheaths

Synthetic & Hardwood Sticks:
Synthetic & Hardwood Sticks:

Practical Knife Fighting for Personal Protection #1 & #2
Practical Knife Fighting

Interesting Knife site

The Pocket Stick
The Pocket Stick


Filipino Martial Arts Magazine
Close Quarter Combat
close quarter

books we like

books on search for: All books by Remy Presas

Real World Self-Defense by Jerry VanCook

"Balisong Manual" by Jeff Imada

"Get Tough" by W. E. Fairbairn

Knife Fighting Encyclopedia by Hock Hochheim

books on search for: Balisong (by Sonny Umpad?)

books on search for: Filipino Martial Culture

"Filipino Martial Arts" by Mark Wiley

books on search for: Filipino Fighting Arts: Theory and Practice

books on search for: Modern Arnis : Filipino Art of Stick Fighting

"Tao of Jeet Kune Do" by Bruce Lee {a must have}

"The Art of Effortless Power" by Peter Ralston

"Broken Toys Broken Dreams" by Terry Kellogg

"The Way of the Peaceful Warrior" by Dan Millman

movies / videos:

Exposure: (drama, a photographer in south america
learns knife fighting to exact vengeance)

Any Bruce Lee movie:

Rapid Fire: Brandon Lee

The Perfect Weapon: Jeff Speakmen (Arnis stickfighting and Kenpo)

The Ultimate Fight: (real bad acting, good stickfighting scenes...only on DVD)

Trained to fight: (some cool and funny observations)

Jacky Chan (I like the early stuff) Stalone is cool, but he dreams he's...

Dog Brothers #1 & #2
dog brothers

health and medicine

Dit Da Jow(Chinese herbal liniment)

188 E 3rd St
New York NY 10003
(212) 614-3250
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